Territori intrecciati - Al di là del mare
Michael Tsegaye - Engdaget Legesse, Galleria Mizar, Rome June 19th – July 14th 2018

For the first time together in Rome, the two Ethiopian artists, Michael Tsegaye and Endgaget Legesse, tell, through photographs and paintings, the impressions of a continent in continuous and rapid change. Two different points of view unified by Monica Cembrola's curatorship. A great lover of art and aesthetics who, since 2015, is committed, with her foundation, on promoting art in all its form, funding fellowships in collaboration with L’école nationale des beaux-arts de Paris and with the Fine Art School of Addis Abeba.

Arts as a transformative force, capable of promoting profound renewal, not only metaphorical but social, concrete, existential. The two authors of the exhibition "Territori intrecciati" give us a constellation of voices and images to witness the regenerative power of empathy. Real storytelling according to a horizontal, almost cinematic line of gaze. Through the alternation of photos and paintings, unfolds in front of us, the story of life dynamics of migrants and refugees, such as exile, displacement, discrimination, dreams, interwoven traditions. The viewer in the moment of learning from these artworks can develop a critical perspective that includes "empathy" as sensual knowledge: the unreliable is seen as if by a "third eye". Knowledge is achieved by forcing us to abandon instrumental rationality and leaning towards a more sensual understanding which amalgamates feelings and cognitive reflection.

The artists boast a long series of participations in international exhibitions and festival.
Michael Tsegaye in 2011 wins the first prize at the European Union-African Union photography competition, he exhibits in the most important international capitals as New York, Parigi, Berlino and Madrid, since June 22nd he will be one of the artists present at Maxxi's exhibition "Road to justice", focused on African contemporary art.
Endgaget Legesse represents Ethiopia at the 49th Venice Biennial in 2001, since the 90th his work is exposed in collective and personal exhibitions in the biggest European, African and American cities. 

Previously, but in line with the experimental project of the important Roman museum, Galleria Mizar reflects on the burning social issues of migration, discrimination and violent urban change. Galleria Mizar, already Galleria Marino, has on its back a long exhibition history that goes from the late ’60s to today and boasts the presence of almost all the great names of the Italian, and in part European, modern and contemporary artists, as Giorgio Morandi, Alberto Burri, Lucio Fontana, Pablo Picasso, Joan Mirò, Jannis Kounellis and others. Mindful of the new directions of the international art market, is today pleased to enrich its important array of artists with names as Tsegaye and Legesse, exponent of the new African art. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the works will be donated to the projects of Monica Cembrola for Art Foundation.


Monica Cembrola for Art Foundation